A JOINT PETITION/MOTION TO CHANGE a Judgment OR Temporary Order is filed when a judgment or temporary order has been entered, but a change to that judgment or temporary order is needed and both parties agree to the change.

Rule 412 is an administrative process that may not require you to appear in court. Please refer to Rule 412 for more information. To expedite processing, all forms required by Rule 412 should be filed with the court as a "complete packet". Missing forms will delay the processing of your case and may result in the court requiring an in-person hearing.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS & FEES: Please read the INSTRUCTIONS first to determine which forms you may need based upon your personal circumstances as well as the filing fee information. It may not be necessary to complete all of the forms listed below.

Filing Fee for Joint Petition: 50.00

Filing Fee for Motion to Change: NO FEE

Click on the to read the INSTRUCTIONS and/or complete the FORMS. All forms must be filled out in permanent black ink only.

Form Name Form Instructions Note
Joint Petition/Motion All applicable sections of this form must be completed. Signatures of both parties are required.
Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody Proceedings Required if there are minor children
Agreement (CJD 311) You may use Agreement form (CJD 311). The Agreement must be notarized if you are changing a final Judgment.
Proposed Judgment/Temporary Order
Written Assent of the Department of Revenue Required if one of the parties or a dependent child is a current recipient of public assistance or owes a past-due child support debt assigned to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and any term relating to child support or medical insurance is being modified. Must obtain prior to filing with the court. The assent is located on the last page of the Joint Petition/Motion form.
Financial Statement (Short Form) Gross yearly income is under $75,000
Financial Statement (Long Form) Gross yearly income is $75,000 and over
Financial Statement (Schedule A) If you have self-employment income
Financial Statement (Schedule B) If you have rental property income
Child Support Guidelines Worksheet Required if seeking to modify(change) child support or medical, dental or vision insurance.
Child Support Findings For Deviation Required if seeking to modify(change) child support or medical, dental or vision insurance.
Affidavit(s) Required if the answer to question #3 or #4 on the Joint Petition/Motion is "yes".