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Form Name Description Of Form Form Instructions
Petition for Informal Probate of a Will/Appointment of Personal Representative The Petitioner must complete all applicable sections on this form.
Order for Informal Probate of Will and/or Appointment of Personal Representative A completed proposed Order must accompany petition.
Notice of Informal Probate and Return of Service Copies of this completed form must be given to all interested persons and, if interested, to the Attorney General's office and the Department of Veteran's Affairs.
Surviving Spouse, Children, Heirs at Law   This form must be used to identify a Decedent's surviving spouse, children and heirs at law. ALL applicable sections of this form must be completed.
Bond Required ONLY if seeking an appointment of Personal Representative.
Military Affidavit This form is required UNLESS all interested persons have assented.
Assent and Waiver of Notice/Renunciation/Waiver of Sureties An interested person to an estate may use this form to Assent and Waive Notice requirements, Renounce their right to appointment, Nominate a Personal Representative and/or Assent to a Personal Representative serving without Sureties on the Bond.
Suspicious Death Affidavit If the cause of death given on the death certificate is listed as "pending" or 'homicide', this Affidavit must be completed by the Petitioner.
Affidavit of Domicile If not Ancillary (Foreign) estate, this Affidavit must be
completed if the residence listed on the death
certificate is incorrect.
Proof of Guardianship or Conservatorship If an interested person listed on the petition is a minor, incapacitated or protected person and is under guardianship or conservatorship, a certified copy of Letters of Guardianship or Conservatorship are required if the Guardian/Conservator was appointed in another division or from a Court outside of the Commonwealth.