A plaintiff who seeks equitable relief must bring a civil action complaint seeking a judgment for the relief demanded. All complaints must be researched and drafted by the litigant as there are no equity "forms".

The civil action is commenced by mailing or delivering for filing with the Registry of Probate a complaint and entry fee required by law.

A blank summons is then issued by the Registry to the litigant to complete service of process. A separate summons is required for each defendant. A copy of the complaint must be served with the summons. The proof of service must be filed with the Registry.

Certain equity complaint filings require serving a citation in place of a summons.

The defendant may answer by way of a responsive pleading or a motion when permitted, within twenty (20) days after service on him/her.

Refer to Mass. R. Civ. P. Rule 10 regarding the appropriate form of pleadings.

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(All Filings should be completed in PERMANENT BLACK INK!)

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