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Please Note:
A certified long form birth certificate must be filed. When filing a Petition for Adoption of a child from a foreign country, the Petitioner(s) must include the original foreign documents and a copy of the same documents. The original documents will be returned to the Petitioner(s) at the Court hearing.

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Form Name Description Of Form Form Instructions
Petition for Adoption and Affidavit of Petitioner(s) This form must be completed by the adopting parties.
Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody Proceedings Complete this form to let the court know if there are any care or custody proceedings regarding the child in Massachusetts or any other state. • 
Federal Missing Child Search This form must be completed by the adopting parties and mailed or faxed to the Department of Children and Families.
Request for Record Information (CORI) Petitioner(s) must complete this form to be filed with the adoption paperwork.
Surrender of Parent To be completed by the birth parent(s) seeking to terminate their parental rights.
Motion to Waive Report of DCF This form may be completed if the natural parent is one of the adopting parties.
Affidavit - Parent(s) Unknown or of Parts Unknown (Bio Parent) This form to be completed with the most current information regarding the parent(s) whereabouts or identity.
Motion for Publication if Unknown Father Required if ID of father is unknown.